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Technical knowledge

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  • Clean room construction site

    Clean room construction siteThe choice of dust-free workshop address should be consistent with the principle of favorabl...
    Published:2016-12-29   Clicks:4

  • Clean room use classification

    ⑴, industrial clean room- for the control of non-life particles for the object. Mainly control the air dust particles ...
    Published:2016-12-29   Clicks:4

  • Clean room pollution sources

    Clean room pollution sources1, the amount of dustThe amount of dust from clean room, from the device may be consid...
    Published:2016-12-29   Clicks:4

  • How clean room to prevent micro-particle contamination

    How clean room to prevent micro-particle contaminationIn the manufacturing process of electronic components, the fine pa...
    Published:2016-12-29   Clicks:6

  • Clean room characteristics

    Clean room characteristics(1) durability; (2) cost; (3) adaptability; (4) maintainability; (5) cleaning.DurabilityClean ...
    Published:2016-12-29   Clicks:5

  • Clean room maintenance management

    Clean room maintenance managementClean technology has developed rapidly in the past 20 years. The clean rooms of various...
    Published:2016-12-29   Clicks:7