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Note the installation of home central air conditioning

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The first purchase of home central air conditioning, air conditioning repair factory in Kunshan central air when the installation need to pay attention to what? Details of many, but the general direction of summed up the following six aspects:

Professional norms of the construction team. Home central air conditioning installation is a construction project, the construction process directly affect the reliability and stability of the system, especially the central air conditioning construction contains most of the hidden works. At the same time, due to the current number of air conditioning market engineering company, the level of good and bad, some engineering companies will be home improvement business outsourcing to the company outside the construction team, so not only the construction quality is not guaranteed, not to mention good after-sales service. Therefore, the search for professional experience with the quality of the construction team, is an important condition for the implementation of the project.

Quality and reliable air-conditioning host equipment and installation of high-quality air-conditioning materials. Home central engineering "one-third of the equipment, seven installation", a good air conditioning engineering company is installed to ensure, but at the same time, reliable air-conditioning equipment is a good protection system operation. Many consumers simply the pursuit of "central air conditioning" concept, not too much attention to the essence of the equipment, the purchase of immature technology are air-conditioning products, even worse to reduce the initial investment will be selected equipment type small, so it seems cheap, real use The effect is poor, or overload operation damage to the compressor, more harm than good.

The house has not yet been renovated before planning, installation and construction of hydropower at the same time approach. Central air-conditioning pipes and units need to be hidden, it must be combined with the decoration, how the pipeline direction, the unit how to position, you need to do a good job in advance design, and coordination with the decorating party. Some central air conditioning and even on the housing construction requirements, such as drilling, which need to be prepared earlier.

Home central air conditioning and home decoration is closely related to the environment. For example, the central air conditioning connected to the air duct can be sent to the bathroom, indoor air distribution is more reasonable, uniform temperature, low volatility, comfort. The use of indoor ceiling decoration can be easily placed in the ceiling of the indoor unit to change the use of multiple split between the air conditioner caused by too many outdoor units affect the appearance of the building, and can remove the traditional split the refrigerant connection pipe Exposed to the embarrassing state of the room.

As a result of the use of hidden installation, the host through the ceiling-mounted or installed in the closet, so home central air conditioning installation must be coordinated with the family to consider the coordination of the decoration. As the home central air conditioning installed earlier, home decoration in the post, therefore, the air conditioning installation must determine the decoration program, to ensure the air conditioning effect, based on the air conditioning indoor unit installation location and duct to determine.

Suitable for the installation of residential central air conditioning houses, you need to have the following basic conditions: the housing layer needs to be 2.5 meters. Even if the use of ultra-thin indoor unit, after installation is also close to the smallpox 250-350MM, so users should fully consider the ceiling height, so as not to install the space is too low, affecting the living comfort; large duplex buildings, large apartments and Villa users, should be preferred home central air conditioning products.

Home central air conditioning is actually a "semi-finished products", to ensure that a home central air conditioning system to normal operation, design, installation, construction of all aspects of the importance of no less than the host device. Therefore, when the user to buy home central air conditioning, we must choose a good service, good reputation of the enterprise to protect their own interests.

Completion and acceptance. Standard construction team in the construction process has a sound construction program, construction organization design; design and construction drawings, all approach materials, product technical documentation is complete, clear signs, if necessary, should be sampled for related testing; system overall debugging parameters Detailed records, the completion of technical disclosure. Good air-conditioning engineering company in the document handover to achieve a complete delivery, timely delivery.

After-sales service. Home central air conditioning project hidden works, post-use reliability is essential. Therefore, the strength of the engineering company in addition to providing a good installation, but also protection of the latter part of the maintenance. Article 5 mentioned in front of the end of all documents can be used as post-sale service to provide information to follow, the timely replacement of maintenance units, but also a quick understanding of project construction details.

Finally, to remind you, different types of central air conditioning equipment, the construction process requirements and specifications are not the same. For example: the family water system central air conditioning and fluoride system central air conditioning, construction differences are relatively large, but no matter what kind of system, must be strictly in accordance with the norms of their implementation in order to make the user the ultimate use is guaranteed.

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